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Who am I?

Hi my name is Heather Hansen, and I’m a psychic medium.

For as long as I can remember I have always been intuitive, and have had many head-scratching and unique experiences from little things such as getting a sense when someone was about to call to bigger things like knowing a friend/family member was pregnant before they told anyone (and once before they even knew/took a test).

Despite this, because I grew up in a fairly religious family, many of my abilities were often brushed aside or considered coincidental. Often I shook off many of my experiences as insignificant or at the very least just strange.

However, the moment that I began to take my abilities more seriously, and realized that I wasn’t just an “imaginative” child, was when I was seventeen. I was learning to drive and predicted my first car accident. Waiting for a family member to sit in the passenger seat, I closed my eyes and saw a scene unfold. I immediately told my family member that if we took a certain route that we would get rear-ended by a red truck. Unfortunately, they chalked it up to nerves and insisted I drive the route they suggested. Thankfully, only the car was severely damaged, and we left the situation physically unscathed. Even with such a hard to ignore psychic moment, it still took time for me to be secure in my abilities and even longer, to be forthcoming about them. Now that I’ve made it my profession, I am so thankful that I have taken the steps to hone in on my senses and use them to help people on their own individual journeys.

What services do I offer?

For a complete list of services, visit my Readings page.

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