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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you expect from a reading/session with me?

Each psychic has their own practices, and mine may adapt over time. As of right now, I read tarot and also utilize oracle cards as the main part of my sessions. In addition to this, I may also include using a pendulum or another method of scrying where appropriate. Occasionally the people who have passed on who are connected to you may pop in. 

Note for any reading: 

I ask you to initially refrain from sharing any personal information unless it pertains to the message I received for you. After the reading has concluded it is important to look back over what has been said, as information relayed in a session may become clearer in retrospect. Also, sometimes the deceased will relay a message that is for someone else connected to you or them. No matter the message, if you have to shoehorn or force it to fit, then that’s probably not it.

Note for any one who is nervous or has past trauma:

I personally feel that the universe and your deceased loved ones are aware of your current journey and won’t share with me information that you are not ready to process or hear. My goal is to share what I receive in the hopes that it can help, heal, and guide. No matter what I receive I do my best to approach all topic matter mindfully with kindness and respect to who I am reading.

How does the psychic thing work?

I get images, feelings, words with the occasional sounds and smells; I get bits and pieces. Then I interpret that data. I personally like to think of it as being the interpreter or mediator for the Universe. They have the message, I’m just the one receiving it. Occasionally I also connect to deceased individuals connected to whomever I am reading.

Can anyone be psychic?

Yes, I believe we all have the capacity and that anyone can expand and grow with this ability as well as some being more innately adept than others (I do believe there are a lot of different factors involved, for level ability and so on).

The Tarot Deck I Use

 If you are familiar with tarot,  my deck is slightly different as there are no “reverses” and the suites, major arcana, and King/Queen/Knight/Page all have different names. But 95% of the deck parallels the classic one.

You can view the deck here.

The Primary Oracle Decks I Use: 




What's the difference between Tarot and Oracle Decks?

This over-simplifying but primarily: Tarot has a specific structure of major arcana and minor arcana (in fact the classic deck of cards we use for games is based off of the minor arcana of Tarot), usually tarot decks contain a total of 78 cards, 22 Major and 56 minor. Oracle decks can have any amount of cards, no suites or major or minor cards. How you interact with the cards is entirely up to the reader but generally tarot is done with spreads where the reader layouts cards in a specific order to get a fuller picture, and oracle decks are more of a pull a card to get a singular message. (I utilize both in my psychic practice, primarily working with the tarot for the bulk of the reading).

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